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I just killed a centipede or a millipede or some kind of big hairy pede or other. We used to call them silverfish, but it turns out that's wrong. They're something else -- something common and unable to be exterminated. Swell. Anyway, what can I use for reference here? This big hairy pede or other was roughly my size.

At first, I pulled out a step ladder and a napkin. I had visions of myself intrepidly climbing the ladder to face the BHPOO in hand-to-multi-leg combat, mano e bugo. But then I remembered I'm chicken.

Instead, I grabbed Plan B, and B is for broom. I thrust Plan B in the BHPOO's squirmy face and smashed him into the ceiling. Then I dragged him along for a bit to ensure total annihilation. Didn't want him coming after me; he knows where I live!

Now I think it might be in my best interest to discard this broom and pick up a new one. I'm not quite brave enough to flip it over and pick the bug bits out of the bristles. Gross.
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