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Grocery store

It seems you can buy the ingredients for food and cook it yourself at home. The service here is terrible: you have to bus your own table and wash the dishes. The food's not bad though.

I've been craving Buffalo chicken, so I bought chicken tenders, sauce, and bleu cheese dressing. I dipped the chicken tenders in butter and dredged them in flour and fried them in olive oil. I'm not good at those things, as it turns out. Then I tossed the fried chicken in the sauce and splashed it with bleu cheese. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Maybe tomorrow I'll make a second food to go with my chicken. I've got macaroni and cheese (my specialty) and rice (which is more successful the less you do to it -- sweet). Two foods at once? I am awesome.

It's finally happened: I'm tired of SpaghettiOs Meatballs.
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