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Omens and Fuel

So, I got a free bottle of champagne at work today. I also went to Uncle Frank's wake today. I decided to drink to Uncle Frank tonight.

I want you to get the appropriate picture in your mind for the next part. I'm afraid of champagne bottles. Got it? I'm afraid of everything. Everything includes loud noises, small explosions, volatile things, projectiles :: champagne bottles.

In preparation for opening the champagne bottle, I stuck a cotton ball in each ear, wrapped a towel around the bottle, and stood in the bathroom facing the shower curtain (or ballistics curtain, in this case). maybe i should put a bucket over my head/and a marshmallow in each ear POP! That didn't take long. Go me! I did a scary thing, and the towel caught the dribble. But wait... You open bottles your way; I open them my way.

I am such an asshole. But it's damn funny. I bet Uncle Frank got a kick out of that one. :)

**If you're missing the "Fuel" references, click here.**
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