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What a day!

Enough! I'm sending an e-mail to Cablevision because I hate them.

I haven't been able to access the channel guide or any program information for days now. My internet signal is constantly in and out -- I've been trying to send you this e-mail for about an hour now, and if I get kicked off again before it gets sent, I'm done. My bill, once consistently $109 and change, has steadily increased in October, December, January, and February. I'll be paying $115 and change this month without any change in service, except the inconsistent availability of the stuff I've been paying for for years now. Also, if you could please STOP sending me mailers for the Triple Play deal for which I'm ineligible, that'd be great. You're killing trees and reminding me how much more I'm paying than all the people who do qualify. It's kind of ignorant. Research who you send these things to. I don't suppose you'll actually change anything, and I don't really need a reply. I just thought you should know that Verizon will be getting a chance to ruin my day when I move out of this place. You've had your turn.

In other news, I've been picked to be the toastmaster at this week's Toastmasters meeting at work. Scary stuff. I have to lead the whole meeting, and I'm really stressed out about it. It'll be a good opportunity to confront a bunch of my fears all at once. Better go work on my introductions.
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