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4T&AL revisited

You may recall my 4 Truths and a Lie, but perhaps my sarcastic answer escaped you. Since I have a few minutes, I'll go into greater detail. What the hell?

1 is true. We were kids, and we used to hide in the closets during rehearsals as a joke on our director. One week, we decided it would be funny before a performance, and we were late for our cue, got caught by the Sunday school superintendent, and had to go running into the sanctuary. It's one of those childhood memories I can still think of and become ashamed, but it really wasn't that serious.

2 is also true. My friend J got a comic book board signed for me at the Wizard Chicago convention one of the years I couldn't go. Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes personalized it. It says, "Cynth, Where were you? Kevin Smith" and "Cynth, Snooch to the nooch Jason Mewes." I met Tiny Tim at a circus, and he signed a photocopy of a picture of himself that's still in my scrapbook. (I think he misspelled "Cynthia.") I. Met. Paula. Poundstone. Ohmygosh! We saw her perform at this little place on the strip, and she came out afterward and was signing autographs, and I almost cried, and I told her she's my hero, and she signed my ticket stub, and I almost didn't remember to tell her how to spell my name, even after Katie spelled "Katie" for her; "cynth" is WAY harder to spell than "Katie," but I was so nervous! Phew! Yeah, 2 is true.

3 is true also. J is the same J mentioned in 2. It's silly that we haven't met because we've been friends for SO long! He exists, though. *waves to J*

4 is false. No way do I have that many comics, no way are they all bagged and boarded. I'm not as collector-y as I seem. Several are autographed, though. In fact, all of my Three Geeks comics are autographed, I think.

5 is true. I think everyone knew that. It's a poem about my best friend who died from cancer when she was 13. I have a .pdf copy if anyone would like to read it.

So, there it is. colleenrose18 was wrong. How did the rest of you fare?
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