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I wonder if my degree of elation over this year's February is indicative of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder... In general, while I hate saying it aloud (I insist upon pronouncing every letter), February is one of my favorite months. The weather is usually fabulous: cold but not too windy. On non-leap years, it's exactly four weeks, which I find convenient, and it matches up with the first four full weeks of March days-of-the-week-wise. This year, the first is on a Sunday, and the twenty-eighth is on a Saturday. It only needs four rows on a calendar; it's perfect! I know the days of the week, and I can manage my seven times table up to at least four, so I will ALWAYS know what day it is this February and most of this March. Ahhhh... Thank you, February 2009. You will be an awesome month.
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