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Nothing of any interest, really.

Nothing ever happens, so lately I've been posting to soap opera communities on Live Journal instead of in my own journal. While I still have nothing to say, I figured I'd type here for a while, anyway.

I've gotten a couple of e-mail rejections from temporary/placement agency-type places about jobs I've applied to on Monster. I guess it's good to have some sort of closure, but at this point, I've applied to so many jobs that I don't even know who's rejecting me.

Thanksgiving is coming up. My sister will be here Tuesday, and everyone (of course) is coming down on Thursday. This weekend, we're going to retrieve the giant (24 lbs.) turkey from Mom's, and I'm going to get a crash course in stuffing, ham glazing, and turkey roasting.

I'm off pie duty this year; my mother and sister are handling that up at Mom's before they come down. I should have plenty to keep me busy. crashrose and I still need to do some serious grocery shopping. I made a list a week or so ago. I guess I'm nervous ... or just obsessive-compulsive. :)

Well, anyway, like I said, there's not much to say, so I guess I'm done here. Happy Friday, everyone.
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