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The pwning of Magic Erasers

I like to think I use Magic Erasers (OK, Amaze Aways -- we bought the generic store variety) like Chuck Norris would.* The images on the box suggest an unused Magic Eraser, a partially used Magic Eraser, and a Magic Eraser ready to be discarded. In my opinion, if you have any Magic Eraser left to be discarded, you fail! You're not doing it right! Here are the images on the box as compared to a Magic Eraser I used earlier today:

I wasn't even done with that one; I just took a break to get a picture, so I could educate you people. Here's what it looked like when I was done with it -- a small amount of Magic Eraser shrapnel scattered on the floor:

* -- This hypothetical assumes that the scuffs weren't scared off the walls the minute Chuck Norris walked into the room. It would never happen in this universe. If physicists can have theoretical massless ropes and frictionless pulleys, this theory can have Chuck Norris using a Magic Eraser.
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