cynth (cynthtastic) wrote,

Random Complaints

Normally, I'm not one to blame the teacher when I fail a test, but tonight I'm going to blame the equipment for failing so damn many songs on DDR. I know I'm rusty, but my elderly dance pads are not recording all my steps. There's no way I'd FAIL something on STANDARD that I once got a AA on in the first DDR game I ever played. I know those songs quite well. Maybe the floor is uneven, or maybe I need a new pad.

I just ate a Luna Bar, and my nose started to run. Nothing is less spicy than a Luna Bar. My nose runs pretty much every time I eat anything.

You know how some people have exercise-induced asthma? Well, I'm pretty sure I have food-induced bronchitis. Most of the time, when I finish eating, I cough the rattly cough of a bronchitic, and then I'm fine. Weird.

I'm pretty sure "bronchitic" is an adjective, but I really needed a noun something like it in that last sentence.
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