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Soliciting advice (again)

So, here's the thing. My lease in Pittsburgh was up on 9/8. I was out of there before 9/1, so the place could be rented by then. (Wasn't I a nice tennant?) The man who lived in the apartment before I did was there for 12 years. I don't think he cleaned once in that time. My mother and sister helped me to scrub the place clean. Many of my Pittsburgh friends helped me to paint when I first moved in. The landlord gave me some money toward the paint, but it wasn't enough to cover it. (See? Really nice tennant.)

Here's the problem: I was not given my security deposit, and I was not given any explanation. I think my landlord may have just forgotten. Before I left, he tried to come up with a time when we could walk through the apartment together and he could cut me a check for my security deposit. That was impossible with his health and my traveling.

It might be worth $475 to not have to call him about this problem. The thought of it makes me feel ill.

Would a letter be acceptable? Should it be a registered letter?

Should I let it go and move on with my life?

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