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A seldom seen, never discussed side of cynthtastic

This is an anecdote that portrays a character flaw. I would love thoughts and comments on it.

This evening, I attempted to make some pierogies, and by "make," I mean remove from the freezer and saute in butter. To begin, I melted an unhealthy amount of butter, chopped up some onion, and threw the onion in the butter.

So far so good.

I thawed the pierogies a bit because I hate when they stick together. A few broke loose of the massive pierogie chunk, but when it came time to add the pierogies to the butter and sauteed onions, they were still a brick.

No problem. I'll pick them apart as they cook. After all, nothing can remain frozen as it cooks because, well, fire. In an attempt to minimize the number of dishes I will have to do later, I tried my best to use just the one fork for prying.

No good. Very frustrating.

Okay, two forks. crashrose has to eat, too. We'll need two forks, anyway.


*poke, poke*

Huh. Still a pierogie brick. Still very, very frustrating.

And then I went into a blind rage, probably destroyed my best frying pan, and spattered boiling butter all over myself while hacking violently at the amorphous slab of pierogies.

The end result was fried mashed potatoes with noodle-like shreds.

Oh the carnage.
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