cynth (cynthtastic) wrote,

Meme c/o fasterthanlight

There are two rules. First of all, you must list 10 good things about yourself. Yes, ten. If you can't think of ten, you must try harder. And you can't put yourself down. Throw modesty and low esteem to the wind! They can be about anything, as long as it's good about yourself. Sure, you're not perfect, but don't you give your flaws more than their fare share of time? Time to do something nice for yourself! And it's gotta be about you, not someone you know, or something you have.

For example:

1. I am an empathetic and good listener.

2. I don't care what anyone else thinks about me and, therefore, adhere to my own, self-imposed, moral, ethical, and fashion standards.

3. Thusly, I am not competitive.

4. I strive to be self-less.

5. I am the Pie Queen!

6. My grammar is usually correct, according to Strunck and White.

7. I am funny.

8. I have some unique quality that cannot be quantified. It's intangible, but those who can understand and appreciate it tend to find it in me. Whatever it is, it leads to strong and significant friendships, and in my adulthood, it has helped me to weed out anyone who isn't worth the effort.

9. I love deeply and unconditionally.

10. I'm really good at taking standardized tests.

Okay, got your 10? The second part. If you borrow the meme, you respond, and say something positive about me. Then I go search out your meme in your live journal and respond to your list. The response can be something new or cool that you admire about the person, or something that responds to one of the positive qualities they say about themselves.

This was remarkably difficult, and now I feel conceited. Hmm... Oh well! :) Can't resist a meme.
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