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Please advise

Amount of cynthtastic's first paycheck: $150.94

Total past due amount on cynthtastic's various accounts: $510.72

Average combined monthly total for cynthtastic's minimum monthly payments (which just pays off the interest and doesn't TOUCH the principle): ~$220

Amount cynthtastic would have to give crashrose to cover her half of rent and bills each month: ~$500

Is it just me, or does this math SUCK?!

Within the next 3 days -- well before I get paid again -- my next wave of monthly fees will start to be assessed. Even though my first check reflects just one week of work instead of the usual two weeks, I think I'm still screwed.

Does anyone know anything about debt consolidation? I pay ~$125/month in minimum payments on just my credit cards. I've already deferred my student loans. I'm going to have my cell phone turned off, which is fine; I won't miss it much, and it will be nice to stop racking up debt on at least one thing. I don't own anything of any value that could be sold to offset my mounting debt.

Any suggestions?
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