cynth (cynthtastic) wrote,

New icons, pt. 2 of 2

This is the second string icon. I'll list the dregs and tell you why they didn't make first string.

Beakman's World -- don't like the image
Bill Nye (the Science Guy) -- image quality
Captain Caveman -- image quality
Clarissa Explains It All -- IMAGE QUALITY
The World of David the Gnome -- don't like the image
Dungeons and Dragons -- image quality
The Elephant Show -- image quality
Ghostbusters -- not that great a cartoon
Gummi Bears -- image quality (and I'm really bummed!)
The Herculoids -- image quality/not really my era
Histeria! -- image quality *sniff*
My Little Pony -- image quality/not esoteric enough
Pound Puppies -- don't like the image
Punky Brewster -- not that great a cartoon
Rainbow Brite -- not esoteric enough
Schoolhouse Rock -- image quality
Strawberry Shortcake -- image quality/don't like image
Superfriends -- image quality/not really my era
Thundercats -- not esoteric enough
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles -- don't like image

Honorable mention (for one reason or another):
Inspector Gadget
Pete and Pete

There are TONS that I missed! Let's write about it. :)
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