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Mmm... Vindication...

**** My Address
Westville, NJ 08093

December 12, 2003

In regards to: Security Deposit
Mister Landlord
P.O. Box *****
Pittsburgh, PA 15241

Dear Sir:

From September 8, 2002 until September 1, 2003, I rented the first floor apartment located at *** My Old Address. At the time of my lease signing, I paid a security deposit in the amount of $475. The apartment was in far better condition at the termination of my lease than it was at the beginning of my lease term. While in the apartment, I cleaned it thoroughly and painted every room.

Moreover, I was mistakenly charged $20 for a mid-term rent increase, which I was told would be refunded to me, and I evacuated the apartment a full week early. More than three months have passed since I terminated my lease, and I have received neither a refund of my security deposit nor an itemization of charges detailing why no refund was issued.

I had a reasonable expectation for a full refund of my security deposit. Please send a refund or an explanation to the address provided in a timely fashion.



Mister Landlord called me twice. I'm afraid of people and hate the phone, so I didn't return his calls. You'll note that there is no phone number in the above letter. I figured an attempt to call me was bad news for me. Any of you who've spoken or IM-ed with me this year probably know about the situation. Hell, I wrote about it on 12/11.

Family and friends were pressuring me to return Mister Landlord's calls or do something, but I'm a wuss. If I'm already out the money, why let Mister Landlord yell at me and make me cry? Isn't making me broke enough torment?

Still, my spinelessness has never been so expensive. So, I hemmed and hawed for quite a while. I was hemming and hawing today when crashrose got home from work and gave me my part of the mail.

The mail contained a check for $403.

<</hemming>/hemming> <</hawing>/hawing>

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