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Driving me CRAZY!!!

Okay. There's a commercial for Cesar dog food, and a guy dips his cracker/chip into the dog food. He ends up offering it to the dog and telling the owner that her dog has very sophisticated tastes. She then takes the plate of dog food and places it on the floor in front of the dog.

The actor with the cracker/chip looks like John Cleese, and I've seen him in 150 things. I think he used to do Schweppes or Canada Dry commercials. At least one of you has seen him before.

Who the hell is he?! What is his name?!?!

I've spent half the night on IMDb looking for him, and I simply cannot find him. Please, please, please help! If you don't know who he is but can name a movie or TV show he's been on, I can find him. All I can remember are commercials, and I'm about to lose my mind.
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