cynth (cynthtastic) wrote,

Just before "Cool Rider"...

Michael: How 'bout a hamburger later?

Stephanie: Oh, I'm busy.

Michael: How 'bout tomorrow?

Stephanie: Busy.

Michael: So maybe you can explain about the bowling alley, eh? I mean, you just don't kiss a guy and...

Stephanie: Look, the kiss was just a joke. Forget it.

Michael: Let me give you a hand.

Stephanie: Oh, I can manage. Look, I said I can manage.

Rhonda: I think he's in love.

Paulette: I think he's kinda cute.

Stephanie: I think you two should shut your yaps.

Michael: You forgot this one.

Stephanie: Thanks.

Michael: How 'bout the day after tomorrow? ... Stephanie!

Stephanie: Look, when are you gonna get the picture?

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