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Umm... What just happened?

Today was rife with dramatic highs and lows. I'm not sure what kind of day I had, to tell you the truth. I think I'll list the pros and cons and let you decide!

First thing this morning, my boss asked me if I wanted to go full-time and get promoted to senior sales. This means $10/hour (at least) and, well, full-time! I'd also have an office. ... Whoa.

Also, I remembered to bring some food to sustain me through the 10 hours.

I had a good time, and I got a ride home. I think I'm starting to make friends with the people at work.

There's a chance the difference (which you haven't read about yet) won't have to be a difference. It happened after 3, which means it happened on tomorrow's business day, so I haven't had to prove yet. She might bring it back, and we're going to try to call her. She's a really nice lady, and at least I know exactly what I did. Even if I have to accept the difference tomorrow, it's possible that we can get the money back from her the next time she comes in, at which point it will be considered a recovery.

Here are some more details on that possible promotion. My supervisor is going to another branch closer to home because of some serious family problems she's had lately. Now, instead of promoting the brilliant, veteran, full-time teller to supervisor and being done with it, my boss has a different plan. The superstar teller is on probation because she had a big teller difference. This sucks for her and everyone else. Boss has decided to move senior sales/customer service to manager and me to senior sales, leaving superstar and other part-timer in their current positions.

The only reason I can see for this is that I have a degree; I'm not allowed to advance until I've been there a year, in theory.

One problem with this is that senior sales/customer service doesn't want to be supervisor. It's a tougher job, and she's kinda happy where she is. Therefore, she may refuse, and I may be staying still instead of moving up.

I kept getting stuck by myself and having the phone ring on three lines or having a customer in each drive through lane and a few in the lobby. I got flustered, they got pissy, and none of it was good.

Also, I had my first teller difference today. I gave a very nice lady $10 too much. Damn.

So, what kind of day did I have? Let the voting begin!
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