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I would LOVE to know what I missed!

Just watched The Big Lebowski.

I've heard fantastic things about the film. Many of my friends and family members love it, and perhaps some of you are included in that faction.


I am hard-pressed to come up with a movie I liked less than this one. I found it awful, and I can only assume that my characterization of it as incoherent drivel is false because it's so highly acclaimed.

Please, someone, explain to me the error of my ways.

ETA: You may also try to convince me that Traffic, Moulin Rouge, Gladiator, and The Fast and the Furious were each worth an unretrievable couple hours of my life. Another very bad movie? Very Bad Things.

I hated Field of Dreams the first time I saw it, but a second viewing and the guidance of alannabear made it one of my favorites. There is hope.
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