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My interview

The fabulous passing_hours has graciously consented to interview me. :)

1. (Stealing from SNL) If you could be a tree, what would you be?
A big, old oak tree. Oak trees remind me of my childhood; we had enormous oak trees, one in the front and one in the back. Oaks are strong and sturdy, and they provide a lot of shade and protection.

2. If you could choose one word to describe yourself with, (and I do mean ONE word!) what word would that be?
Christian. Not only is that the most important part of who I am, but it also encompasses all the qualities I would like to exhibit. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: The best compliment I've ever received is from fasterthanlight; she said I was one of the few people she knows who claims to be a Christian and acts like it most of the time. I hope that's still true.

3. Was there a specific moment in time when you realized you were happy and/or what true happiness is?
I feel that way whenever I'm with my family. I never laugh so much or think so little. I'm at ease and in my element, and I don't have to worry about how I look or what I say. It's pure fun.

4. Who would you like to write your biography? (Anyone, famour or not!)
Hmm... Tough one! Ideally, I'd write it myself. That might be a cop out, though, so I'll say Dave Barry. I think he'd provide the necessary levity, and my life story without goofy humor would be a waste of paper.

5. Compliment yourself. Name your most attractive trait (peronality and/or looks). (Then give yourself a big hug!)
Eep! Um... I like to think I'm a very giving person who is generous with her time, her love, and her money. I may not be the most thoughtful person when it comes to determining what it is I should do, but once it's pointed out to me, I don't hesitate for a moment in doing whatever is asked of me.

Here's the drill: Now you can ask me to interview you, if you'd like. I'll ask you five questions. Post your answers to them in your journal, and see if anyone asks you to interview him/her.
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