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The saintdani interview

1. Did you read any of the comics that we gave you for Christmas and if so, did you like them?
The short answer is that I'm an awful person. No, I haven't read any of the comics you gave us for Christmas yet, but I have read some of the comics you lent me over a year ago. As always, your taste is impeccable, and I look forward to reading all the others and finally returning them to you. I suck.

2. What comic book character do you identify with the most?

Katchoo, of course! We're both so very gay! :) No, honestly, I can appreciate and identify with her devotion to Francine. As you'll recall, I did the disassociated angst and single-minded clinginess thing for years. I just wasn't so cool when I was doing it. I wish I were as tough and bad-ass as she is. My trench coat is bad-ass... I guess that doesn't count.

3. If you could do anything for a living, what would you do?

WRITE! I would be a humor columnist. My pithy witticisms would be fodder for water cooler banter in the workplace. My comical observations and turns of phrase would make people wish they had thought to say that thing in that way, and they would chuckle knowingly at the foible I hilariously exposed with my pen keyboard. Or I'd be a stand-up comic. I think humor columnist is my Social Anxiety Disorder equivalent to stand-up comic.

4. If they were to make a movie out of your life, who would play you?

Janeane Garofalo. 1_dumb_mick once told me that I reminded him of her, and my heart skipped a beat! She's one of my idols. Most female comics are heroes of mine, but she is one I'd especially like to be like.

5. And the last one I'm going to make the semi-personal one. How do you feel towards people who believe that gays shouldn't marry, or just have a very negative outlook towards the gay community? And if you could, how would you change it?

Very good question. I have an odd amount of respect for people who look unfavorably upon the gay community, depending on their reasoning for doing so. Obviously, people who hate for the pure fun of hating aren't even worth the consideration it would take to hate them in return. However, I am a person of strong religious convictions, so I can respect a person who believes the bible is divinely inspired and flawless and, after thumbing through Romans, decides that homosexuality is wrong. If they are not attacking anyone because they do, in fact, follow the entire bible, I invite them to believe whatever they believe. The hypocrisy of bible-thumpers who neglect the parts about all of us being sinners and man having no right to condemn man ticks me off a bit. Don't claim you're better than I am and cite the bible. That's not in there.

As for dissuading or changing the minds of people who are opposed to gay marriage, I would probably consult with crashrose and her mother and then launch a purely academic assault on the naysayers. I think a careful reading of the constitution could thwart their tedious rhetoric and moral objections. After all, since when has the paternalistic enforcement of morality been our government's responsibility or modus operandi? If I'm not hurting anyone, infringing upon anyone's rights, or impeding anyone's freedom, who gives a fuck who I marry? Or if I marry, for that matter? As for the civil-union-but-not-marriage camp, I'd pummel them with an onslaught on the documented failure of separate-but-equal legislation.

Whoa! Was I just waxing political? Damn it, saintdani! You made me think! ;)
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