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*yawn and stretch*

Good morning, all. Today, I work for 7 hours. Long day for me.

Yesterday was fun. Momtastic came down to visit. We grocery shopped, ate at Friendly's, and chatted in my living room. Later on, crashrose and I watched Sling Blade.

What happened Sunday? Anything? *shrug*

I worked Saturday morning. Then we went to Chik-fil-A. You seriously need to go and pick up a cow superheroes calendar from Chik-fil-A, if you have one near you. Triplets of Belleville. Then we bought two games (Cranium Cosmo and 25 Word or Less -- this bothers me because it should really be "fewer") and some used DVDs (Family Guy, season 3 and A League of Their Own). IronMoto Japanese Steakhouse. I learned a new word! That style of cooking? With the hibachi table? Teppanyaki! I had the shrimp and scallops; crashrose had the filet and salmon.

Off to work now. Later.
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