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The crashrose interview

1. Hottest woman, aside from Angelina and Eliza.
"Who's the hottest woman in the world, aside from the hottest women in the world," she asks me! Audrey Hepburn? She's not really in this world anymore, though. Um... Berglind Icey is pretty hot... Salma Hayek? Thandie Newton is pretty damn hot, too. In short, I have no idea.

2. Whats your favorite issue of any comic book ever?
Tough question! I love Watchmen, but it's not really a single issue, so ... I'll say "Mad Love."

3. If you had your choice of seeing any one performer, who would it be?
Patsy Cline. I would have loved to see her sing. I've already seen my top two choices for living performers: Paula Poundstone and Ellen Degeneres.

4. If you could no longer live in America, where would you want to live?
Ireland. From what I'm told, I'd love the weather there, and I could listen to the accents there forever and never get tired of them. Sure, that whole civil war thing could be a drag, but there'd always be plenty to drink.

5. Compose your ideal Cynth with the body of one person and the brain of another. Who are they?
I don't know that I'd be me with someone else's brain... In any case, I'll say Stephen Hawking's brain in Angelina Jolie's body. Mmm... SexyGenius!
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