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Tax gripes

This is fucking bullshit! (Warned ya.)

First, I got one of three expected W-2s. The one I got was from the temp agency. I only earned around $900 at the temp agency. I e-mailed Pitt, my W-2 was returned to them from my old address, and they sent it to my new address. The third W-2 I was expecting, the one from my current job, doesn't exist. Though I did start working on 12/15, my check for the time I worked in 2003 was payable in 2004. Therefore, no W-2.

Now that I have all my fucking W-2s and that nonsense is behind me, I set out to file my taxes online. Because I'll need to file in two states this year, I can't file with a 1040-EZ. Fuck. I like the 1040-EZ. I'm poor and simple. This form was made for me. Also, I can file only one state return through the internet filing service I use. Fuck again.

I fill out the longer form and jump through all the hoops. I get all my money back, in theory, but the state return from NJ is for $13 and will cost me $19.95 to file. Also, the federal return will be another $19.95. Fuck. That.

I find a way to file federally for free because I'm only 22 and made about $7,000 last year. State taxes will still cost me. Whatever. Maybe I'll just walk the two miles to the post office and pick up some forms to fill out and mail. All ready for electronic filing, at least for the federal return. Except...

I can't sign electronically, and I can't complete my return without filling out all the information for signing electronically. I need my adjusted gross income from last year's return. Right. Like I have any fucking idea where last year's tax shit is after moving out of the state. It's probably in some packed box somewhere. The real kick in the head is that I could just add up my W-2s if I could find them for last year. Can't. Of course. Yet I have W-2s from 2000 and 2001.

What the fuck?! This really shouldn't be so difficult...
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