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I seem to have dreams that link up with real life rather well. Last night, for instance, every dream I can recall having corresponded to something I wanted resolution for the previous day.

1. Went to check on O'Toole to see if he had passed yet, and instead, he had gotten so strong that he jumped from the euthanasia cup back into the tank and was frolicking with the other fish.

Dream flaws: Euthanasia cup was in a different room. O'Toole had been flushed before we went to bed. The fish in the tank was more purple than blue. Still, crashrose and I were delighted.

2. Random commenter from a recent post responded again to say fasterthanlight had recommended him to my journal, thereby putting to rest the mystery of who this person is.

Dream flaws: According to person X's user info, s/he is not friends with any of my friends. While this happens over at freakazoid_ all the time (and I'm elated), it's a first over here at cynthtastic post about kickass_weekly.

3. I finally got up the nerve to ask people at work if they'd like to do something after work. The response was affirmative, and after a brief stop at home, I went back to work to wait for them to get through. Unfortunately, the doors were already locked, and they had to let me back in. For some reason, droves of high-ranking persons in the bank, who I've never seen or met and who probably don't exist, were in visiting that particular day. I decided to be clever about why I was still around/had come back. Said things like, "Just can't stay away!" and "I'm just going to crash here tonight!" Big cheeses were not amused and informed me that it was inappropriate to sleep at work. Once again, I had to painfully tell them I had only been kidding while trying not to choke to death on the foot in my mouth.

Dream flaw: It ended up being some kind of TV special with Bill Cosby. At the end of the day, everyone had to stand perfectly still for the alarm to be set, and the bank morphed into some rich person's big house, full of their friends and servants, as well as the imaginary bank people. Some rodent-like children (they were cartoons, I think) decided to hide in the pipes and ended up getting locked in. They were mischievous, but Bill Cosby ended up getting them to come out and amend their wicked ways. There was an impromptu, Christmas-themed musical number at the end with Tatyana Ali.

What in the world?!

Now, I'm off to work, where I will be sure NOT to ask anyone if they'd like to hang out afterward!
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