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Things that are fun

Misheard lyrics. Seriously, you can just laugh for hours looking up your favorite songs and how various people have messed up the lyrics.

Cranium Cosmo.

Cranium is a trivia game. A good one. Cranium Cosmo is a desktop module that provides trivia Post-It Notes. They take 5 minutes or so to answer, and they're very fun. There are props involved, too. Some questions require a bit of clay or some lettered dice, each housed in the Cranium Cosmo unit.

Name all 6 major league baseball teams whose names start with vowels. (In this case, "Y" is not a vowel.)

Name 9 of the 12 main characters in the Peanuts comic strip.

Identify the following retailers at the mall:

1.) Void Between Two Designated Objects
2.) Sovereign State of Elongated Fruit
3.) Livestock Housing and Aristocrat
4.) Corporal Fabrication Area

Match each item in the left column to its partner on the right.

"Sunday, Monday..."
"Here's the story..."
"Just sit right back..."
"Come and listen to a story..."
"Hello world, hear the song..."
"Boy, the way Glenn Miller played..."

The Brady Bunch
The Beverly Hillbillies
Happy Days
All in the Family
The Partridge Family
Gilligan's Island
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