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Generic Update

Last night, crashrose and I went to a diner in Trenton with revvoice and saintdani. It was uber fun, and the only thing I think I'd change would be to bring a game next time. Good times. And it was nice that Team Somer and Team West only had to drive an hour a piece.

Worked today. There's something unpleasant about consistently working six days a week, regardless of the hours. I work 8:00 to 2:00 five days a week and every Saturday from 8:45 to noon. It's not a bad schedule, but I miss having two, consecutive days off. At least the people are great; I have a good time when I'm there.

Finally, fasterthanlight has done it again. The political opinion offered in her latest post is brilliant. She and I don't necessarily agree on politics 100%, but it's hard not to respect her motivation and degree of activity. And, while you do have freedoms of speech and expression, in this particular instance, I invite you to shoot the messenger and complain, if you must, in my journal.

ETA: Which is not to suggest that fasterthanlight can't take it! I wouldn't want to leave anyone with that mistaken impression.
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