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This is mostly about my new icon.

They raked outside today, and I THINK that drove some termites inside. Not to worry: I squashed six or seven of the little bastards and bug-sprayed the shit out of an entire wall. You'll be safe here, fasterthanlight; I promise. God, it's lonely here! I can't tell you how excited I am to be having a visitor. Hopefully, we'll make a good showing, and FTL will recommend us to her friends. *wink*

So, this is my new icon. It's ... well, our houseplant, Claudia. I'm toying with the idea of making an icon of each fish. Hopefully, crashrose will put some pictures of the fishies up on our website soon. That would be fun.

Happy birthday to Aunt Cindy, my godmother. She's ... awesome. Such a great person. Unfortunately, I'm a thoughtless airhead and forgot to send a card or an anything. I did call, but ... *sigh* I just get so frustrated with myself sometimes.

There goes the stereo, turning itself on again. I guess it must also turn itself off, but I only hear/notice when it turns on. Weird.
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