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Today, SeniorSales told me she loves listening to me talk because I don't speak as the rest of the staff do. I write as I speak, and I'm glad that, for once, that's not turning people off. It's a proud day for this Jersey girl. We're not known for our vocabulary and elocution.

The weather is beautiful. I relish these days before spring gets too hot for me. The days when it's comfortable to walk around without a jacket. Gotta get used to that spring-smelling air again.

I stayed a half-hour late today, of my own accord, to finish up a mailing. Since I've learned to use the mail merge, I like making up form letters and envelopes. I can hardly wait to send out Christmas cards next year. Maybe we'll try to have another party before then.

NewServiceManager is gonna work out just fine. We've all loosened up a little, and it's fun at work again. The other day, she fixed me a cup of coffee. How many of your bosses have ever done that, let alone completely unprovoked? Very nice of her, I thought.

In other news, Jessica Simpson is coming to the Wal-Mart here on Friday. To quote Dave Barry, I am NOT making this up! Apparently, she's going on a big ol' Wal-Mart tour. Well, good for her. I hope it goes well.

Oh, and hey! Guess what? I have a chance to pick up some grant writing (well, proofreading but whatever) experience. That'll round out my resume quite nicely, and I'll be helping out a worthy cause. Good all around.
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