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I just gave up after being on hold for TWO HOURS! AT&T can bite me. Sorry, 1_dumb_mick. First they thought crashrose had an account here, which she doesn't. Got that taken care of a couple months ago. Then they sent me a bill for an account attached to a phone number I haven't had in two years. They say I owe them about $40 and it's past due. I called ex-roomie S/P, who still has the number cited on the bill, and she doesn't have AT&T long distance. I called and spoke to a young man who clearly wasn't a native English speaker. After trying to sell me something (and it would be a cold day in hell before I subscribed to any AT&T service after all this), he said he was forwarding my call to a billing specialist. That was two hours ago. I think I'll try again tomorrow or maybe Wednesday. As for now, there will be wine.
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