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My meatloaf turkeycrazyloaf is in the oven. I can't even begin to tell you what I put in it. If it turns out well, I'll try to recall the ingredients.

Some sort of police organization just called. They wanted a donation, and I wished I could give them one. I don't have it to spare, though. Someday...

The man on the phone asked if I was 18. Yeah, a little more than that. That's the second time this week something like that has happened. When crashrose and I went to see Taking Lives, the ticket-taker carded us. I'm 22!

Speaking of Taking Lives, it was scary. Not a good idea for us, as chans_mcgans can tell you, since she recently had the misfortune of trying to watch Flatliners with us. It wasn't terribly good or tricky, but I liked it well enough, I suppose. Not really into the suspense films, but I am into Angelina Jolie.

So that's that.
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