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This is not your mother's Live Journal

But my mother's Live Journal is over here!

Greetings and salutations, momtastic. It's a regular Malone-a-palooza now that my whole famn damily has signed up for Live Journals.

In other news, The Apprentice party went well, though I did want Kwame to win. Actually, all of the contestants (is that the word?) whom I had any emotional attachment to were out of the running by the final, anyway.

Despite a snafu earlier in the evening, everyone made it over for beer and snacks. I really like the people I work with; I'll miss them when we move in June.

So, just before SeniorSales and I closed on Thursday, we got a call from NSM. She was babysitting for her friend's five children, and a fight broke out, resulting in a broken arm. NSM had to take the injured party to the hospital and the injuring party to her grandmother's house. She asked if we would watch the remaining children, including her own daughter.

SeniorSales and I headed over there and realized we had no phone. NSM doesn't have a home phone, SeniorSales left her phone at work, and my phone has been turned off for quite some time. I had no idea when people were coming to my house for The Apprentice party, and I had no way of finding out. We also had no way of contacting NSM for further information.

After a while, I abandoned SeniorSales and walked home to make some phone calls with 10-10-987. Surpringly, NSM was nearly through with her hospital adventure, but I had no way of telling SeniorSales that. I couldn't get through to people from work, and I didn't want to leave my apartment and risk missing their arrival. It was a terrible predicament, but while I sat pondering my next move, my co-workers arrived. We headed over to NSM's place only to find that she had returned and SeniorSales had left. Fortunately, SeniorSales had gone home to change and check in with her parents (who I had called for her to say she'd be late, since she had no means of contacting them). We all headed back here, SeniorSales arrived a little later, and the evening was a success.

I bought too much beer, and we didn't get to try out the new darts, but maybe they'll come back again someday. :)
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