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This weekend happened, and it was good.

Many thanks to crashrose's mother for our snazzy new wireless set up. Apparently, she doesn't grasp the concept of Mothers' Day too well...

Paella, while tasty, is unnecessarily difficult to eat. I prefer my shrimp without tails and my mussels and clams without shells, certainly if they're tossed together in a rice dish.

Weddings are fun. I thoroughly enjoyed this weekend's wedding and look forward to the next, which will be in July, unless I've forgotten about one in between.

Must tender my resignation letter. Never done that before. Wish I knew where we're moving and whether or not I'd like to transfer to another branch.

Last and probably least, I defy you to present me with a product that screams crashrose any louder than this one.


If you're feeling especially affluent and philanthropic, click the image, and buy her one. :)

Now it's time for my nap.
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