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It's the little things in life...

Well, it's the less big things, anyway.

As a belated birthday present, when I first found employment in this area, crashrose's mom bought me some decent clothes. A couple pairs of pants and a couple belts to go with them. Very nice of her.

Unfortunately, the khaki pants she bought me were a size 12. I was a size 14 and have since become a size 16. We always meant to return the pants, but neither crashrose nor I are all that motivated.

Today, I found the pants on the floor in a ball. On a whim, I pulled them on, and with minimal gut-sucking, buttoned and zipped them. Look, momtastic! I'm a 12!

Makes me want to exercise or eat less or something. Perhaps I will...

I don't know how well this bodes for the clothes I bought at Target last night, but it might be OK -- most of those weren't numbered; I just bought larges and extra-larges.
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