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All things AT&T

crashrose and I have shiny, new, AT&T Wireless cell phones. This means that, with unlimited mobile-to-mobile minutes, cell calls to 1_dumb_mick and chans_mcgans are free! This also means that we can listen to MP3s and the radio on our new, free phones. They came with memory sticks, wireless headsets, ear buds, and USB cables. They're pretty damned cool, if a little funky. This model has a whole QWERTY keyboard, but it's not huge or anything. I'm not going to post the new number here. If you want it, e-mail me. I'll try to send out a mass e-mail with it, but I'm sure to miss some of you.

In other AT&T news, here's the cover sheet from yesterday's fax:

About two months ago, I received a long-distance bill for a phone number at which I have not lived in over two years; that number was never in my name, and it is a Western Pennsylvania number, while I now live in Southern New Jersey. After spending hours on hold and speaking to several different people, the fraudulent account was cancelled, and I was told that I would not receive any further bills.

I just received another overdue bill for the same account. The amount is significantly lower than the last bill, which proves that the first cancellation must have gone through, but I am shocked and amazed that AT&T has allowed someone to open a long-distance account on this number in my name yet again!

Last night, I spoke with a woman who identified herself as Nina. She was very difficult to understand, but that is another matter entirely. She directed me to this fax number, so as per her instructions, I am faxing you a copy of the most recent bill. Hopefully the time I am wasting at work to do so will resolve this matter with a greater degree of finality than my past efforts.

This is not acceptable. I implore you to take whatever steps are necessary to prevent this from happening in the future. I do not have an AT&T long-distance account, and I never will. (Please do not ask me to enroll in one again. I realize this request is probably included at the end of every call center employee's telephone script, but given the situation, I find it inappropriate and unnecessarily frustrating.) There is no cynthtastic at
[the Pittsburgh #], and the cynthtastic at [my address], NJ has a NEW JERSEY phone number without ANY long-distance service.

If any further action is required on my part, please feel free to contact me at home at
[my home number].


I think I made myself clear, don't you? momtastic and chans_mcgans will be proud; I think I sound like them in this letter.
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