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This update brought to you by my poor memory skills

I don't have to be at work at noon today; I have to be at work at one! I intend to use my newfound hour to tell you more about my phone because it kicks ass!

To type my name on my old phone, all I had to do was hit 222 *pause* 999 *pause* 66 *pause* 8 *pause* 44. NOW, all I'd have to do to type my name on my phone is hit c y n t h. (Can you see how that's faster?)

When someone from my family calls me, the phone rings an MP3 of Sam Cooke's "Cupid." I chose this because the family group's icon is hearts. When Katie calls me, since she's in a caller group all her own, my phone rings an MP3 of The Association's "Never My Love." (Yes, that is our song; yes, we are repulsive.) Every other call rings an MP3 of Brak's "Don't Touch Me."

How can this be? The phone is an MP3 player. Not a buy-songs-from-our-website's-crappy-selection-of-current-hits MP3 player, a use-this-cord-to-copy-files-you-illegally-obtained-through-Kazaa-from-your-laptop-to-your-kick-ass-new-phone MP3 player. Now, it doesn't hold an iPod's worth of MP3s or anything, but it does allow me to make phone calls and retrieve voicemail.

Nothing good on the ol' MP3 list? Plug in the ear buds or the hands-free thing, which I affectionately refer to as the asshole stick, and tune in your favorite radio station. [Sidebar: The Asshole Stick -- It's one of those things that hooks on your ear and has a stick that pokes straight out toward your mouth. Useful? Yes. Look like an asshole wearing it? Absolutely!] With the ear buds on and the phone in my pocket, no one would know I was listening to a phone at all.

The best thing about my new phone? It was 333 *pause* 777 *pause* 33 *pause* 33! (That's free to you and me, kids.)

I promise not to do that again for a while, but I do get excited about new toys. :)

For those of you who do the Weight Watchers thing, Applebee's has some seriously tasty new selections with their point values listed on the menu. Last night, I had a Baja chicken roll-up with fresh fruit instead of fries. Left to my own devices, I would never substitute anything for fries, except maybe cheese fries. However, when that choice is made for me, a nice, ripe strawberry and four slices of fresh pineapple can be a refreshing change of pace in the side dish department.
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