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Bakery thrift store place

So, SS from work took me to a discount bread store. It's three (3!) minutes from here, and it's awesome!

momtastic, they have your favorite bread. $1.99 for 3 loaves!

I got Twinkies, caramel Ho Hos, and coffee cakes. Had I paid for all three boxes myself, they would've been $5, but I paid just $3.58 for two, while SS bought the third.

As a Jersey girl, I was raised with the knowledge that "3 for $5" does not mean the same as "$1.67 each." In Pittsburgh, I was chastised for not assuming these statements were equivalent. While each box of snacks I bought was $1.79, three would have cost just $5. That happens here.

I desperately want to return to this magical day-old bread store after my next pay to stock up on all things Wonder, Hostess, and Drake.

ETA: If you'd like to come and visit the bakery outlet, feel free. Then you can take a carload of our junk up to the new place, too. An apartment has been secured, and the moving can commence.
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