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In other news...

My knees ache, my hand is bruised, and I'm about to go right out of my mind! If it weren't for momtastic and all her help this weekend, I'm sure I'd have lost it. Thanks, also, to crashrose for her assistance. The three of us managed to get a whole lot packed and moved, and it has kept me from crying, which I flatly have no time for -- see my last post for details...

I'm not nearly as concerned about getting all the packing done now, but I'm worried sick about getting all this shit out of here in the next two weekends. Really and truly, if anyone with a car and some free time is willing to come and pick up stuff, I'll feed you and/or pay you whatever I can. If nothing else, you'll have my eternal gratitude and any kind of pie you'd like.

I don't mind a whole caravan of cars over the weekend(s), and if you can spare time during the week, better still. We're moving from a first floor to a first floor, and they're both air conditioned; even though it's June, there are surely worse moves with which you could get stuck helping out.</desperate>
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