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Rambling #1

I find it fascinating that frantic is a synonym for frenetic. They're so similar! The look, the sound, the meaning... Why do we need both? It's strange.

Lugubrious is a cool word. I don't have much occasion to use it, though. Pity.

I've decided not to post another picture of my head just yet. Two extreme close ups of me in a twelve-hour period seems excessive. You'll have to wait 'til tomorrow or later. Hang in there.

So, after I created this Live Journal thing, I was suddenly struck by how RIDICULOUSLY accessible I am. Currently, I have 5 e-mail addresses, 3 phone numbers (including one for a cell phone that's on me at all times), a Friendster account, a website, and now a Live Journal. Every where I look, there I am! I'm a difficult person with whom to lose touch. (That sounds awkward, but far be it from me to end a sentence with a preposition.)

I feel like I'm in some sort of self-imposed 1984. Maybe this is a 2003 that even George Orwell couldn't have envisioned in the 1940s... Or maybe I just spend too much time online.

On to other things:

I HATE moving!!! It's a special kind of hell. Blech! I still haven't gotten my kitchen packed. Thank goodness I have a week in Wildwood coming up. Unfortunately, I'll need to be all packed up before that. *sigh*

My last day of work is Thursday. Technically, that's tomorrow. This came fast. I'm really going to miss work and my friends there. I'm really going to miss Pittsburgh and all my friends here. Sometimes moving on feels like moving away.

However, I am looking forward to being closer to some old friends. Having Dani and Jamie an hour and a half away will be great, and Erin and Andrew are only 45 minutes away. Jordyn and Marie are both in Philly. It'll be GREAT to see everyone again!

But I need a job. Soon. If you have any connections in South Jersey/Philadelphia, e-mail me!

Getting sleepy...

I promise to be funnier next time. ;)

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