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My last day as a teller and a new goal

Today was my last day. I had to work from 7:45 to 6, but it went smoothly. SuperTeller and the other part-timer baked brownies for me, and SeniorSales brought chips and pretzels. NSM bought me lunch: popcorn chicken with honey mustard and hot wings with blue cheese dressing. I didn't think I liked blue cheese, but man, that was good! Everyone was very nice, and there were no tears. I hope we can all keep in touch, which brings me to my new goal.

If I can get all unpacked and settled by August, I'd like to have a housewarming/birthday thing at the new apartment. Anyone bringing anything will be denied admittance, but otherwise, it could be a really good time. It won't happen if I don't get everything put away, but it seems like a good goal to shoot for, you know? So that's the tentative plan for now, but first things first: must finish the move.
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