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Dumb, dumb, DUMB!

I write this from the brilliant machine that lives in our bedroom. crashrose constructed it herself -- she didn't soup up a preexisting machine with a faster processor and a new motherboard; she bought or found all the components and built it from scratch, in an empty case. I can watch and record television on this computer, and with the help of a cable modem, I can post this entry. It has surround sound speakers, and its monitor and keyboard are both bigger than my machine's.

However, it's not my machine.

I love my laptop. Her name is Sammy. I didn't build her. I don't know how she works. She can only show me prerecorded TV when she's networked with crashrose's machine. She's pushing two, and that's old for a laptop. I won't have her paid off until I'm 65 because my interest rate is about 30%, but I'm buying her by myself. She's my first, big, grown-up purchase.

Less than a year after buying her, her first power cord broke. Fortunately, she was still under warranty, and they replaced it for free and arranged pick-up for the old part. I resolved to baby the new cord, since I hadn't done anything wrong with the old one. That was close to a year ago, I guess.

This morning, I kicked back in the recliner to check my e-mail and Live Journal. Sammy and I commenced with our usual routine: sign on to AIM, check AOL mail, if there is any, open up Outlook and check a couple more e-mail addresses, and check my friends page here to see who's said what since Sammy and I went to bed last night.

crashrose was just about to leave for work around then, but she couldn't find her purse. I went to get up and help her look, and I closed Sammy's power cord in the leg rest of the recliner. No big deal -- that happens all the time. I opened the leg rest again to pull the cord out, and my screen got a little dimmer, like I unplugged the cord and was running on battery. I felt around the back of the machine to see if I knocked the cord loose, but it was still fully plugged in.

To my horror, I looked down and realized that I hadn't caught the cord between the leg rest and the chair; I had caught it in the machinery of the leg rest -- the accordion-folded metal struts that make the leg rest functional and might as well be wire cutters, if you're stupid enough to run a wire through them.

As it turns out, I am just that stupid, maybe even a little more so.

I really had a strong desire to punch myself in the head, but that wouldn't have solved anything. I probably would've missed, anyway -- I'm not a very good puncher. So, instead, I plugged a network cable into crashrose's wonderful machine and bought a brand new power cord for sixty bucks. You see, Sammy's not under warranty anymore. At least the shipping was free, and I was able to use my Dell line of credit. The interest rate should make the thing cost over $100 in the end. It's expensive to be this dumb, and now I won't be able to use Sammy for three to five business days.
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