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Slowly but surely...

Baby steps to unpacking.

I have a rotten, miserable cold, so I haven't done nearly as much as I'd wanted to around the new place. Case in point, I've done nothing so far today. Things are slowly beginning to take form, though.

The bathroom is all ducked up. (I was going to go with ducked out, but I thought this would be better.) We've gone beyond cute and trendy into the realm of ridiculousness where I'm most comfortable. I relish my ridiculousness and the ridiculousness of others. Not tragic, unconscious ridiculousness -- I take no joy in that -- but unabashed, gaudy, nonsensical ridiculousness. Anyone who's ever seen me and anywhere I've ever lived knows what I mean. One peak in my closet would do it, too. Garish, over-the-top, silliness.

In a similar and completely different vein, the new bedroom curtains are up. They're wonderfully theatrical, and I love them. The bedroom window is big. It's not as big as the eight-foot living room window, but it's still a respectable six feet by four feet (or thereabouts). We got a cast-iron-looking curtain rod with a curlicue at each end and floor-length, burgundy, velvet drapes. I wish they were lined or made of thicker, plusher velvet, but I'm still delighted with the effect. Very dramatic and not entirely classless. They remind me of various Edgar Allan Poe writings.

The fish remain well, if their tank is a little barren. We haven't yet unpacked the ornaments for their tank, and I worry that they will have molded by the time we do. They were already stained and impossible to clean. It may be time to redecorate the aquarium.

We still have too many things. There isn't room for all of them, and I have to determine what needs to go. Also in the area of waste management, I have yet to determine how we recycle here. I know it's required by law in this town; I grew up in this town. However, I haven't found any recyclables' receptacles.

My cute, new bookends arrived today, after much trial and tribulation about where they should be sent. Long story short, I provided an old address by mistake when paying for the items on eBay, and I never received a response to my e-mails correcting the mistake. I never received any e-mail from the seller at all, and I was beginning to really worry. But everything worked out, so I left positive feedback.

I am thoroughly enjoying living so close to momtastic and 1_dumb_mick, though I haven't gotten much opportunity to see the ever-busy mick. This apartment is much less isolated and confining than the last one. I'm within walking distance of friends and loved ones, and they're willing to take me to places outside of walking distance. For the first time in a long time, I feel I'm regaining some degree of my former autonomy. Finding a job will greatly expedite that process. No employment prospects to speak of at this point.

And I suppose that about does it. More than you needed to know, I'm sure. More sentence fragments and ending prepositions than I care to type. That is all.
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