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So, yeah, I watch Passions. (I know, I know! Don't even bother.) Here are some of the things about today's episode that I found noteworthy.

1.) Ruth Buzzi! She's playing a nurse who Tabitha's demon baby is terrorizing in the nursery of Harmony Hospital. This is both cool and a bit sad. I mean, it was cool when Jo Anne Worley was the voice of a Wuzzle, but for Ruth Buzzi, another Laugh-In alumna, to have a bit part on Passions for a few days is sad, almost as sad as Juliet Mills having a regular role on Passions. She was Nanny on Nanny and the Professor, for goodness sake!

2.) One day on Passions can take 3 months, but now suddenly women in Harmony carry babies to term in, what, a month's time? :T

3.) WHAT must Avon have paid for not just product placement but actual plugs for their stupid new line of Mark cosmetics to be written into the script?! Jessica and Simone are now Mark sales reps, and they're trying to talk Kaye into it. It's SO blatant! (Not that the show is known for its subtlety but still.) Today, in the hospital, everyone was saying how they intended to help Kaye and her baby -- it was meant to be a serious and/or touching bit of drama. Jessica offered to help pay for the hospital bills with the money she'll be making as a Mark sales rep. I laughed out loud! They do stuff like that EVERY DAY!!

4.) Last, but not least, Precious. There's just something about an alcoholic orangutan nurse.
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