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A few things

First of all, I saw a very interesting show pertaining to this thing on the History Channel. I love the History Channel as much as I've hated every history class I've ever taken. The link is about the Antikythera Mechanism. It's a complicated, mechanical clock/calendar/thingy that doesn't look much different than Charles Babbage's Difference Engine or Analytical Engine of the 1830s. The Antikythera thing is 2,000 years old, though. Probably not too interesting to all of you, but I figure at least 1_dumb_mick and alannabear will find it worth reading... Unless, of course, they both know all about it already, which is highly probable. Nerds.

Second, I made some new cookies a new way this evening. I'm a very hands-on baker. I mix everything by hand, and I've had positive results thus far, as kittengirly, fasterthanlight, and colleenrose18 can attest. momtastic recently gave me a cookie scoop, which basically is a small ice cream scoop. Scoop the dough, squeeze the handle, perfectly formed dough balls plunk onto the cookie sheet. I thought meh, I'll just glom 'em on there with my hands, like always. But chans_mcgans and momtastic both swear by it, so what the hell?

This evening, crashrose brought home a bag of Nestle Toll House peanut butter and chocolate chips, and we made peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies. I didn't get my hands dirty at all. No cookie dough under my fingernails. I used a wooden spoon and the cookie scoop. Worked like a charm. Two extra things to wash, but at the end of the day, I'd say the new device is definitely a time-saver.

And, finally, I've found on eBay thirteen distinct sets of bookends that I want. The most highly coveted of them can be seen here. Now, tell me that isn't awesome! I have a thing for book-shaped bookends, anyway.
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