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Sometimes I surprise myself

I just sat down to write. Nothing precipitated it. There was no catalyst, no event to spur on my emotions. I just wrote.

And I was angry.

It all came pouring out of me. I'm not usually like that; I'm fairly low-key. When I get angry, it's an event -- we talk about it for years to come. Not funny angry but genuine, hurt angry.

I guess maybe it's there and I push it away. Most of the time, I wouldn't want the people who make me angry to know it. It's not worth hurting them over it. Two wrongs blah, blah, blah.

Anyway, it felt good to write. But it was weird.

ETA: Would anyone who's not already signed up with upromise to help pay off their own college loans like to register their grocery/drug store cards on my behalf? If you buy any of the stuff on their list, I get some money toward my debt. It doesn't cost you anything extra. Those of you with your own debt (or future college plans) should really sign up for yourselves. What the hell, right?
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