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Tom Ka Gai

I love Thai coconut ginger soup (tom ka gai). I will not shut up about coconut soup. I recently realized how much I miss the Thai Place Cafe on Craig Street in Pittsburgh and its wonderful coconut soup.

momtastic bought me some tom ka gai mix at the grocery store and a can of coconut milk. crashrose bought some chicken and cleaned and cubed it for me. Today, I made tom ka gai at home.

It was awesome! Not as spicy as Thai Place Cafe, but a little Red Hot fixed that.

The first time I had coconut soup, I said I thought momtastic might like it. Former roomies can verify this. Well, she tried it today, and I guess I couldn't have been more wrong. I believe she shuddered and said "bleagh!"

I'm not sure from whence I inherited my good taste... ;)

If you like Thai food, and your local grocer carries A Taste of Thai products, give the coconut soup mix a try. It rocks.

Which Family Guy character are you?

That is all.
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