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Seventeen hours, ten minutes.

That's when orientation for my new job starts, and I am nervous.

There's so much to remember: signed offer letter, two forms of I.D., canceled check (for direct deposit), college transcript, copy of college degree, stuff for note-taking. Can't decide if I should take a lunch or not. Most days will go from 8:30 to 5:30 with an unpaid lunch hour. Since we start at 9:30 tomorrow, I assume there's no lunch, and they'll probably feed us. I don't know that I should count on that, though.

I always get bogged down in the details.

At least I have a very comfy and snazzy pair of shoes. I also have a kick-ass suit. However, the kick-ass suit is a skirt suit, and the tattoo on my ankle will be visible. I also intend to wear my tongue stud to orientation, though I didn't wear it on the interview. I wonder if any of this will be a problem; I suppose I'll find out.

I hate first days.
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