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@ Jennie's

Hello, all!

Well, we loaded up in Pittsburgh this morning, and Mom and I got in to Jennie's tonight around 5:30 or so (I think). Then we went to the hibachi steakhouse (sorry, Kate!), and now we're back at Jen's place.

Tomorrow, we head out to Pittsville [that's honestly the name of the place -- I'm not just doing my Maynard G. Krebs impression (yes, Bob Denver WAS something other than Gilligan!)] to my Great Uncle Woodrow's church.

Monday, we get to go nowhere, and Friday we finish carting my stuff back to Westville. Phew! Kate's loading what she can into Angie the Civic, and Lynda (who rules!) is taking what's left into her basement until our next visit to Pittsburgh.

Hope all is well with everyone. I'll write more when there's more to write and more time to write it. I miss Sammy the laptop. =(
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