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Yesterday was fun. I grocery shopped with momtastic and went to dinner and a movie with crashrose: Bourbon Street Cajun Cafe and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Good dinner, good movie. Then I came home and beat my previous winning streak at Free Cell.

The one mar on my otherwise-good day was DDR while waiting for the movie.

Previously, I had not played the arcade version of the game. While I am not good at DDR, I'm also not bad at it. I thought the transition wouldn't be so bad, and I would be roughly OK at the arcade game.

Yeah, really not.

I played two songs on light -- maybe even beginner -- and got Ds on both of them. Apparently, where I thought my feet were was not where my feet were. Then crashrose and I tried to play a song on standard. I think it took us 10 or 15 seconds to fail.

We were shamed in front of the crowd that gathered to watch us play. This is why I don't do things in public.

C'est la vie.
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