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Far, FAR too much to say! And happy birthday, Jennie!

So, yesterday was... phew! Wow.

We got up very early and headed out to my Great Uncle Woodrow's church in the mountains of Virginia near Smith Mountain Dam. It was great, and I'm so glad I was here and able to go. It was also very hard, though. He looks just like his brother, my grandfather.

(For those who don't know, the greatest man in the world, my Pop-Pop, died July 8th, and if you weren't on the e-mail list for the HELL that was July 11th, consider yourself lucky. Three days after my mother's father died, my father's mother passed away. She should be getting sainted any day now. I wish I had known her better.)

My sister and I were not ready to see Uncle Woodrow, so we greeted him with sobs. Always a bad choice. He's the last one left in his whole family. He's lost an older sister, two younger sisters, and now his younger brother. He lives in the middle of nowhere all alone since he lost his wife in '99. We went to lunch with him, and he picked up the tab for all 6 of us. No one wanted or expected that, but it was important to him.

He said grace at lunch, and it was like the Thanksgiving grace given by Pop every year of my life.

We went to see him after lunch at his little house. We exchanged stories for a while, and his laugh was Pop's.

He was wearing a hat just like Pop's, and he talked just like Pop.

He thanked us for visiting over and over again and told us how lonesome it is when you're old and alone. He told us we made his day, and we couldn't tell him that he made ours; the words couldn't seem to squeeze past those big lumps in our throats.

When we left, we felt like we were leaving Pop all alone in that little house.

It was hard and rewarding and terrible and wonderful.

Then Katie called and the moving wasn't going well in Pittsburgh. I thought it was over already, and I was pre-flustered by the aforementioned activities of the day. Moving of junk and storage of crap at Lynda's didn't finish up 'til late last night. At one point, I spoke to my landlord on Katie's cell phone. I still owe him a phone call before all this is over, but my phone doesn't work anywhere around here.

I also need to call Duquesne Light. The bastards are closed for Labor Day. Landlord wants the power switched to his name and swears he has an agreement with them whereby I can do just that. I remain dubious. I still think HE will have to call. Time and Tuesday will tell, I suppose.

I got the phone turned off. Speaking of phones, my cell phone bill is 3 times what it's supposed to be. I'm not happy about that, especially since there's no next pay check. Come on, security deposit! Mama needs a new pair of shoes!

We settled on a place to leave the keys, and now all I need to do is get the !@#$% electricity switched over. Then I can relax or maybe even sleep at night. Probably not. There's still unpacking and the job search to keep my mind busy at all hours.

Today is Jennie's 30th birthday. She's still at class, so there has been no celebrating yet. We're going to go see Finding Nemo this afternoon, and there are pies and cake to be had. Mom brought 30 presents because she's like that. :)

Hope everyone is enjoying Labor Day and his/her long weekend.
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